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Month: October 2018

IDEA 041: Idle Idol

Idle Idol – A reality tv show that follows what a celebrity does throughout a day when they’re not doing celebrity things. Ever wanted to just watch Jonah Hill binge Netflix on his couch while eating a bag of Cheerios that’s laying on his ground? Ever wanted to just stare at a zoomed in shot of Karlie Kloss’s non-existent double chin? I mean if you press your chin to your chest hard enough anybody can have a double chin! Reality tv shows are the it thing these days. I can’t speak for everybody but with the rise of reality tv…

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IDEA 040: Yonge Bay

I’ve been living in Toronto for about a month now and I thought it would only be fitting if I wrote a rap under the moniker Yonge Bay. Watch out @Champagnepapi I’m coming for your title as Toronto’s most loved rap export. After my debut, Norm Kelly will be tweeting about me all the time and I’ll get court-side seats to every Raptors game. So based on my superficial knowledge of Toronto I’ve decided to write this rap: INTRO: HEYYYY it’s YONGE BAYYY HEYYYY SHE’S COMING YOUR WAYYY FIRST VERSE: Yo yo yo there’s a new rapper in the 6ix Get…

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IDEA 039: Lip Purty

What does women empowerment mean to you? It’s a theme that’s popping up a lot in society right now with the #metoo movement, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony of Brett Kavanaugh , women in different fields breaking glass ceilings, and of course Sheryl Sandberg’s classic “Lean In”.  To me women empowerment consists of a state of liberty. As per my favourite source, Wikipedia, Liberty Enlightening the World, known as the Statue of Liberty, was donated to the US by France and is an artistic personification of liberty. Broadly speaking, liberty is the ability to do as one pleases.[1] In politics, liberty consists of the social, political, and…

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IDEA 038: Shelfie

Forgive me for I was a bad girl last week. If you noticed (ya probably did not notice) I didn’t post a bad idea last Sunday. Instead I launched my new blog Rice Whine. I was a bad girl last week for not posting, but I was also literally a bad girl last week because since my social media rebirth of being @ricewhine, I shed my past self where I was known as @badgirlshishi. Check that blog out if you’d like and do not fret I will be continuing with this blog to keep my brain fr3sh & sh@rp.  This weekend…

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