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IDEA 053: Be Boaring

According to Wikipedia a boar is a “common wild pig.” In this day and age, everybody’s trying to brand themselves, trying to find their niche, trying to avoid basically anything to be identified as basic, the harsher way of saying common.

So is Wikipedia calling a boar basic?

And if so, what’s so wrong with being basic?

I like a good Longchamp bag. Uggs are friggin’ comfy. And a Tinder profile that has a guy holding a fish with his finger as a hook tells me that I have a higher ochance cause everyone else will be swiping left.

I think we’re all so wrapped up in finding our identity and trying to really set ourselves apart, we’ve forgotten that there’s nothing wrong with being common.

c o n c e p t:

There are so many motivational influencers on instagram. Instagrams with influencers that are all about the hustle. Instagrams with beautifully set type to inspirational messages. Instagrams with life coaches that upsell their services.

Why not have one that sends the opposite message?

i d e a:

Be Boaring – an influencer who’s a boar and a bore 😉 that motivates people to just be boring.

You don’t need to constantly be a somebody. Our wise boar will validate your most basic self.
The you that gets excited for pumpkin spice lattes.
The you that pretends to listen to souncloud searching for indie artists, when really you get all your music fed by Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist.
The you that doesn’t actually clink your glass as you cheers because you’re too focused on not clinking too hard so you don’t mess up your boomerang.

Maybe it’s time to start normalizing being boring. Why do we always have to do interesting things and try to be interesting people. Is it so that there’s things we can all talk about?


So how will a boar run our account. Well duh, the boar’s not real. They’re just the face of the brand so that eventually we can capitalize on the account and sell merchandise.

We’ll create aesthetically pleasing text layouts for all the boar’s boaring quotes. AND, we’ll even create cartoons with the boar in situation so that we can also cover scenarios.

…and I think that’s it for me this Sunday.

the TLDR: take a break and just be boaring.

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