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Category: Story

IDEA 043: Lah Lah Land

c o n c e p t:  Please read the following in a Singlish accent We have so many movies dat are translated from one language to another. Why we cannot have La La Land in Singlish ah? Can or cannot lah? Back to my regular good ole Canadian accent To this I say CAN LAH!!! p r o d u c t: Lah Lah Land, the Singaporean version of La La Land. If you’ve never had the good fortune of hearing a Singaporean accent, you have definitely been missing out on life. The first time I heard it, it…

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IDEA 004: Eggistential

s y n o p s i s: Florentine is a 25 year old egg living in the small town of Yolk, Maine, dreaming of bigger city dreams for herself. She feels constrained by her 9 to 5 and can’t help feeling that she’s just watching her life pass her by. One day, she decides to just leave everything she has in this small town behind, packing her bags, and riding an egg carton to the big city of New Yolk in the hopes of pursuing her dreams of acting. Can this small town egg survive the twists and turns…

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