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Month: September 2018

IDEA 037: Bae Street

c o n c e p t: Think The Sartorialist meets Humans of New York meets Wall Street Oasis . p r o d u c t: Bae Street, the social media project that focuses on the fashion and stories behind the people that frequent Bay Street, Toronto. For those international readers of mine ~*crickets*~, Bay Street is at the centre of Toronto’s financial district. Think of it as the Canadian Wall Street, just like how McGill is the Canadian Harvard!!! This social media project would encompass a Facebook page along with an Instagram and then potentially one day branch out into…

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IDEA 036: Stardines

This last week I’ve been packing up my life in my condo as I will be moving soon. Being the little dippoop that I am, I decided to procrastinate the whole time and somehow stumbled on videos of David Spade doing interviews. If you’ve never watched David Spade in interviews, like me 3 days ago, you’re going to be in for quite a treat. HE IS HILARIOUS!!! In an interview he did with Ellen, he discussed her star studded birthday party and said that celebrities were packed there like sardines… … and that’s how I got my idea for this week…

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IDEA 035: Candull

c o n c e p t: dull dəl/ adjective 1. lacking interest or excitement. “your diet doesn’t have to be dull and boring” 2. lacking brightness, vividness, or sheen. “his face glowed in the dull lamplight” p r o d u c t:  Candull, “the dullest candle you’ll ever light it’s almost like you didn’t even light it.” This is an exceptionally bad idea. What is the point of a candle if not to brighten your day? A Candull is a candle in a tin can with weakest wick one can find. So why tin? Is it cause when you’re…

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IDEA 034: Gross Hurry

After not watching Becca’s season of The Bachelorette, I wasn’t sure if I was going to tune into this season’s Bachelor In Paradise. However, after binging everything I could on Netflix, I was left with no choice but to watch Bachelor In Paradise and I am super glad I did. I was able to meet the beautiful and charming Grocery Joe. look at that smile, those dimples, and if you watch BIP, his ChiCAgo accent. Anyways the point is I’m obsessed with him and he’s known as Grocery Store Joe because he owns a grocery store in ChiCAgo. So why…

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