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IDEA 045: Pot Holes

c o n c e p t:

Weed in Canada was legalized just last month on October 17th. There’s a lot of weed puns to be made, “weed go well together”, “It’s Bong, James Bong”…etc etc. Of course my mind went wild with how I could capitalize on the legalization of marijuana. Cookies, perfume, fruit rollups, they can all be weed infused.

Then I realized I want my product to be representative of Canada and of my hometown Montreal.

You know that opening scene in La la Land (see my post Lah Lah Land), where everyone is dancing in traffic because it’s representative of LA’s landscape. Well, if there was a musical made about Montreal, the opening scene would be people dancing around pot holes. When the local news publication publishes an article like this  you know it’s bad.

p r o d u c t:

Pot Holes, a pipe made from the streets of Montreal (literally) so you can smoke your pot with a 514 pot hole.

Not only is weed a big topic in Canada now, but saving the world is too. We need to figure out how we can reuse material so that we’re outputting less waste into the world. Would it be great if we could take our pot holes  a symbolic imagery of Montreal and use that material in pipe molds. You can smoke your pot with a pot hole. ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL.

Pot holes are usually formed by asphalt pavement. When I’ve told people this idea, most people were like, “that’s probably toxic.” It does seem quite toxic so I did a quick google search:

OKAY SO MAYBE my idea isn’t that feasible…but Eleanor Roosevelt once said,

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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