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Month: August 2020

IDEA 053: Be Boaring

According to Wikipedia a boar is a “common wild pig.” In this day and age, everybody’s trying to brand themselves, trying to find their niche, trying to avoid basically anything to be identified as basic, the harsher way of saying common. So is Wikipedia calling a boar basic? And if so, what’s so wrong with being basic? I like a good Longchamp bag. Uggs are friggin’ comfy. And a Tinder profile that has a guy holding a fish with his finger as a hook tells me that I have a higher ochance cause everyone else will be swiping left. I…

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IDEA 052: Durr-Ian

It’s been a little over a whole year since I’ve posted on this blog and what better time to post than now. DURRRRR. Looking back at all my posts I’m like wow I can’t believe all this geniusness came from my head. Like??? JK DURRRRR it came from me. DURR. Okay I think you guys get my point…Durrr. It’s been a while since I’ve just let my brain freely and intentionally roam into the territory of bad ideas. So here I am stretching my strongest muscle, my brain (everybody calls me humble, it’s my best trait), and reviving this blog…

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