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Month: June 2018

IDEA 024: Hey Courgeous

If you’ve ever tried a low carb diet, you’ve probably been introduced to the idea of zoodles, in other words zucchini noodles. They are a low carb alternative to regular pasta. Want to indulge in pasta but don’t want to feel guilty over all those empty calories? Want to gorge (or corge ;)) yourself but don’t want to feel super bloated by the enemy, carbs? WELL zoodles are a great solution to this problem. All it takes to make them is a spiralizer and some zucchini. This fascination with replacing regular carbs in our life, like pasta, rice, burger patties,…

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IDEA 023: Daddylion

As today is Father’s Day, I thought it only fit to have a post that was in theme with the holiday. Now we all know Mother’s Day is quite a commercial success, especially for the floral industry, but what about the dads of the world? Are they not allowed to enjoy floral arrangements that will last at most a week? Have no fear, Shirley is here. Presenting to you my latest product:¬†Daddylions And no, it is not some perverse sugar daddy, or zaddy, or hot pappi product, but a genuine gift to show our token of appreciation to our fathers.…

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IDEA 022: Wagyu Tail

c o n c e p t:¬† I’m not too sure how this idea was born, but I was just looking for puns as I always do and somehow stumbled upon the word, Wagyu, which sounds like wag you, which lead me to think that having a rap song called “Wagyu Tails” , an aspirational rap song for all cows out there would be a great bad idea. We all know that Wagyu beef is the best beef out there, so it only makes sense that they would have a rap group called “Gyu ‘Head”, gyu means cow in Japanese…

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IDEA 021: Bored of Directors

21, the ripe age of some silicon valley entrepreneur who’s going to make the next uber for the ~ insert industry ~ industry. With technology not just on the rise but risen, consumer behaviour shifting from buying things to buying experiences, changing from calculating footprints in brick and mortar stores to calculating online conversion, business models of the past need to adapt to the present but most importantly be able to sustain what’s to come in the future. So how do we help these businesses survive? Let’s stop fighting millennials and complaining about how all we care about is our…

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