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Category: Rap

IDEA 051: Runny Knows

As you can tell from my title, I’ve been sick these past few days with a cold. I’m currently at the stage of congestion, so I thought why not write a track to show my cold that JUST BECAUSE I STAYED IN BED FOR 3 FULL DAYS DOESN’T MEAN I’M NOT A STRONG, INDEPENDENT, WOMAN. Playing on pun of runny nose = runny knows, I have written a rap based on a character called Runny. Runny is your nose and Runny knows everything. let’s begin!!! [intro] Runny knows about what happened last nightRunny knows about your immune system’s fightRunny knows that…

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IDEA 040: Yonge Bay

I’ve been living in Toronto for about a month now and I thought it would only be fitting if I wrote a rap under the moniker Yonge Bay. Watch out @Champagnepapi I’m coming for your title as Toronto’s most loved rap export. After my debut, Norm Kelly will be tweeting about me all the time and I’ll get court-side seats to every Raptors game. So based on my superficial knowledge of Toronto I’ve decided to write this rap: INTRO: HEYYYY it’s YONGE BAYYY HEYYYY SHE’S COMING YOUR WAYYY FIRST VERSE: Yo yo yo there’s a new rapper in the 6ix Get…

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IDEA 027: Stop Shiit Take

Recently my rapper self was ignited. To give you context, last weekend I saw the perfect Shawn Mendes perform and I wrote a rap declaring my love for him. I hope that he never finds this blog and that last sentence I wrote or else we may never go on a first date. To Shawn, I swear I’m not crazy and yes I’d love to get drinks with you. This rap today came to me when I was discussing with some peeps about vegetarian food and somebody said shiitake. Then it hit me, shiitake sounds like SHIT TALKING. So why not combine…

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IDEA 022: Wagyu Tail

c o n c e p t:  I’m not too sure how this idea was born, but I was just looking for puns as I always do and somehow stumbled upon the word, Wagyu, which sounds like wag you, which lead me to think that having a rap song called “Wagyu Tails” , an aspirational rap song for all cows out there would be a great bad idea. We all know that Wagyu beef is the best beef out there, so it only makes sense that they would have a rap group called “Gyu ‘Head”, gyu means cow in Japanese…

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