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What exactly is this blog about?

See website URL for description, cause the domain is pretty self-explanatory. 

Filled with a wild imagination fuelled by sensual Harry Potter fan fiction read during her teenage years, the human behind this blog goes by the name Shirley. In the media these days, we all hear about different forces disrupting various industries, but you haven’t seen a disrupter till you’ve seen Shirley disrupt a conversation with a terrible pun. After all, she is a visionary and innovator passionate about spreading ideas even when they aren’t warranted (especially when they aren’t warranted).

On the daily she’ll write all her ideas in her phone but due to her busy lifestyle (*ahem* lazy demeanour), she never explores them further. Thus, the purpose of this blog is to expand on her ideas, share them with the public, and who knows maybe out of all of the bad ideas there may be one good idea that will come to fruition.

So if you’d like to connect, collaborate, discuss or just say hi please contact her at the following:

or click on the CONTACT button in the menu bar

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