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Month: January 2019

IDEA 051: Runny Knows

As you can tell from my title, I’ve been sick these past few days with a cold. I’m currently at the stage of congestion, so I thought why not write a track to show my cold that JUST BECAUSE I STAYED IN BED FOR 3 FULL DAYS DOESN’T MEAN I’M NOT A STRONG, INDEPENDENT, WOMAN. Playing on pun of runny nose = runny knows, I have written a rap based on a character called Runny. Runny is your nose and Runny knows everything. let’s┬ábegin!!! [intro] Runny knows about what happened last nightRunny knows about your immune system’s fightRunny knows that…

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IDEA 050: Qcumber

Happy New Years!!!! Being the bad person that I am, I became lazy and haven’t posted in about a month. It was my goal with this blog to post every week for a year. I did not make the goal but to me this consistent blogging has been quite a success. There’s something about being able to say that I’ve written 49 blog posts in one year. I think it’s pretty impressive especially considering the fact that I’ve never been good at being consistent with internet tingz. So this year I’ll try and bring some new ideas, hopefully I’ll still…

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