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Month: August 2018

IDEA 033: Sin, Nah Mean?

33 half of 66, one 6 away from being 666, the devil’s number. You know the devil loves sinning. Just to fact check that the number was 666 I Googled “devil’s number” and you know I like sharing my searches with all y’all. Why is this the picture that pops up? It sparks so many questions like…who is this kid? Is he a Montrealer with his habs flag? Is this kid OKAY HE LOOKS SO SAD? p r o d u c t: A cinnamon bun so decadent, so sinful, it’s a sinnamon bun. Sin, Nah Mean? Gnome saying? Do…

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IDEA 032: Tapieauca

About less than a decade ago in China I experienced some type of food poisoning. It was my last day in my parent’s hometown city before we would fly to Beijing and we stayed home all day watching tv. You know when you’re just binge watching tv and without thinking you just keep eating whatever is in front of you?¬†No????…umm…me neither. Well hypothetically if this situation happened (which it did..and still does on a weekly basis ūüôĀ ), then I would be eating this Asian fruit that I can’t remember the name of. I must’ve eaten about 10 of them…

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IDEA 031: The Flour Shop

I think most girls out there have had a dream about opening up a cute coffee shop. A caf√© that we can curate on our own and fill with the tiniest details to make it aesthetically pleasing.¬† I, myself, dream about the day I become a barista wearing a clean, crisp, black crew neck where half of my tattoo sleeve is creeping beneath the t-shirt. The shop’s aesthetic is inspired by Japanese minimalism. Of course in this fantasy the caf√© will have kombucha on tap. DURRRR Another dream a lot of girls have involves quitting their 9 to 5 in…

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IDEA 030: Can’t Elope

How am I already at idea number 30. Am I old or something? :O One day I’ll be on idea 300 and look back and wonder why I didn’t label my blogs as 0030 instead of 030. This is a followup idea to one of my previous blogs. Remember IDEA 003: honeydo?¬†The app that works as a to do list between couples? Well this app is by the same app dev company,¬†mybadideas.¬†It also uses a melon pun, because melons make you melonaires $$$$$. c o n c e p t: Have you ever been in a toxic romantic relationship? One…

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