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IDEA 032: Tapieauca

About less than a decade ago in China I experienced some type of food poisoning. It was my last day in my parent’s hometown city before we would fly to Beijing and we stayed home all day watching tv. You know when you’re just binge watching tv and without thinking you just keep eating whatever is in front of you? No????…umm…me neither. Well hypothetically if this situation happened (which it did..and still does on a weekly basis 🙁 ), then I would be eating this Asian fruit that I can’t remember the name of. I must’ve eaten about 10 of them that day. This caused me to feel very clogged (tmi). I also happened to have ingested some instant bubble tea (yes that is a thing, see pic below) with Jay Chou’s face on it. Eventually when I relieved myself by vomiting it out, I saw beautiful tapioca balls in a pile of puke. ~puke~

However in the current year, I’ve started to open my heart more and more to bubble tea and over the past 2 weeks I’ve been addicted to it. I drank 3 bubble teas in the past weak. literally. Sounds like a lot of calories…

After a quick google search, apparently it’s not THAT bad…

c o n c e p t:

Obsessed with bubble tea? Can’t get enough of that boba? Want to feel guilt free chewing on them tapioca balls?


p r o d u c t:

Tapieauca, the low calorie alternative to bubble tea. A drink of just tapioca balls and water. For those of you who don’t speak the most romantic language in the whole world, eau means water in French. You can get this in a drink format or you can get it in a desert bowl format. You can drink it through a thick straw to capture all the pearls. Of course, the straw should be reusable because plastic straws are our enemies. You can also use a cute little spoon to scoop it like a lovely Asian desert. This product is oh so versatile!

Water and tapioca balls = Tapieauca

The most innovative type of bubble tea since those cheesy bubble tea drinks!!!

Note that this product could also be called Beauba for all those that live on the west coast.

PLUG: PLEASE GO WATCH CRAZY RICH ASIANS BECAUSE IT’S ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Super touching to see people on screen that look like me. Also sneak in a Tapieauca into the theatres because even though you may not be able to afford the pearls that these Crazy Rich Asians may be able to, you can afford the pearls in a Tapieauca.

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