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IDEA 049: Maybae

We live in the 21st century. This century has brought us many great things, the Google Pixel phone (not sponsored…BUT IF YOU’RE READING THIS GOOGLE BOT I’D LOVE A SPONSORSHIP AND A NEW PHONE this iPhone 6S is not gearing me up for success), mukbangs, and the joy of dating apps. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a dating app…JUST KIDDING I was on one last week helping somebody try to find true love…but apps have definitely evolved since I was personally, actively, using one.

The OG of dating app is of course Tinder. It’s the uber of dating apps, the facebook of dating apps, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. This app is notoriously known for being a hookup app, but in between every fuccboi/girl’s profiles, there are actually nice people who want to find love. After Tinder came Bumble. Bumble was the feminist Tinder. No more unsolicited “want sum fuccs” coming through your messages because now the power was within the hands of the gals. Apparently now the new things is Hinge, but I mean how can one keep up with all the new apps coming out these days.

Because there are so many different people looking for different types of relationships on these apps, coupled with the fact that these days we’re not that great at communicating our feelings, it’s hard to find your ideal match. There are those people brave enough to write on their profiles “looking for something serious”, but personally that always felt a little too serious for me. What can I say sometimes I get a little scurred of commitment. What if you’re not sure if you’re looking for something sure? What if you’re just a maybae?

Another issue I’ve seen is that there are different people that you’d like to have different relations with. Maybe you just want to hook up, maybe you want to be in a relationship, or maybe you’re just DTF – down for friendship. You’re not a definite right swipe, you’re a maybae.

i d e a:

I’m going to solve these problems with a new dating app, Maybae. An app that let’s you say maybe to whoever you want.

When you land on a profile you get an array of options. You only match if you guys pick the same option. However, if you’re not sure about the person just swipe right on their picture and it’ll give you a MAYBAE! If you’ve swiped right the app will display what option the other person has chosen and you can then decide whether you want to talk to them or not. In this way you’ll communicate what you want from the other person straight from the beginning.

If you’re both a maybae, then you guys are free to chat and use the app freely to discover what type of relationship you’re looking for.

Hope you enjoyed my idea, my rant on dating apps, and this lovely individual I drew above for my prototype.

Have a lovely holiday season!

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