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IDEA 048: Beaches and Cream

Hola from Punta Cana my dearest readers. I’m about to enjoy a circus show by our resort but of course I have to take any free time I have (aka my whole day) and do my weekly Sunday blog. I wanted to be in theme with my relaxing constantly tipsy mood.

“Life’s a beach” is the most used beach pun so of course I had to dig deeper. Where else can I use the word, beach? BEACHES AND CREAM BABY based on the saying peaches and cream. To be quite honest, when I hear peaches and cream I think it must be something sexehhh…but apparently it wasn’t always that.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary:

Soooo let’s just pretend that that 112 song never happened.

i d e a:

Beaches and Cream, the sunscreen that smells better and better as you get baked. Being on a resort, I’ve noticed that people literally just lay in the sun all day baking. Sweat starts to build as they’re heating up and that’s not the best smell. So what if we created a fragrant sunscreen that smells better and better the longer you lay in sun. Using sweat activating technology, your skin will smell like peaches the more you’re out baking in the sun.

Not only will you be the hottest person on the beach, you’ll be the best smelling.

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