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IDEA 047: Wicktoria’s Secret

This year’s Victoria’s Secret show aired December 2nd. However, I just watched it this weekend.  Before watching the whole show though, of course I’ve already watched Shawn Mendes’ part cause he has my heart durrrr.

So drawing on the inspiration of feeling like a fet-ess watching this show, I asked myself what type of pun can I make with Victoria’s Secret? The first thing that came to mind was Bictoria Secret. It revolved around making sexy Bic pens…I quickly scrapped that idea when I said it aloud.

So what do you do when you hit a wall? You google, “What rhymes with Victoria?” After I got a slew of diseases that I did not know of, I decided to google, “What rhymes with Vic?” Alas, I stumbled upon Wick – Wicktoria Secret.

i d e a:

Wicktoria Secret – A selection of sexy candles that have a secret. The exterior of the candle will be iconic Victoria’s Secret lingerie sets. THERE IS A TWIST of course.

This little outfit is cute right?


As the candle melts, the back of the wall will show a text. For example:

Because everybody’s got some secret issue they’d like to keep bottled up. Of course this is never the case because your issues will always come up subconsciously through your actions.

Other secrets that could potentially be exposed are:

  • Mommy issues
  • I pick my nose in public
  • In love with my best friend
  • Online Diary
  • Internet Boyfriend
  • I like Justin Bieber
  • Kim K is my idol
  • Least favourite child
  • Pictured you naked
  • ETC ETC.

for extra $$$$ you can even customize it so you can tell your friends the secrets you’ve been keeping them. Just like what they always say in Pretty Little Liars (the show that I’m currently watching for the 3rd time), “Secrets keep friends close.”

Let’s ruin your friends’ fantasies let’s tell them your Wicktoria’s Secret.

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