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Month: November 2018

IDEA 045: Pot Holes

c o n c e p t: Weed in Canada was legalized just last month on October 17th. There’s a lot of weed puns to be made, “weed go well together”, “It’s Bong, James Bong”…etc etc. Of course my mind went wild with how I could capitalize on the legalization of marijuana. Cookies, perfume, fruit rollups, they can all be weed infused. Then I realized I want my product to be representative of Canada and of my hometown Montreal. You know that opening scene in La la Land (see my post Lah Lah Land), where everyone is dancing in traffic…

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IDEA 044: Postpardon Depression

c o n c e p t: Do we as Canadians apologize too much? We are known for saying, “sorry, aboooot (honestly have yet to meet someone who says this), and EHHHHH.” I mean, heck, I apologize 3 times in a row (perhaps a sign of OCD?) when I bump into a garbage can on the streets. So if you see a petite, stubby, Asian lady walk into a garbage can on the street profusely saying, “sorry”, it moi. Being a strong, independent, and beautiful on the inside lady of the 21st century, I’ve made a resolution to stop saying sorry as…

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IDEA 043: Lah Lah Land

c o n c e p t:  Please read the following in a Singlish accent We have so many movies dat are translated from one language to another. Why we cannot have La La Land in Singlish ah? Can or cannot lah? Back to my regular good ole Canadian accent To this I say CAN LAH!!! p r o d u c t: Lah Lah Land, the Singaporean version of La La Land. If you’ve never had the good fortune of hearing a Singaporean accent, you have definitely been missing out on life. The first time I heard it, it…

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IDEA 042: Raw Menterials

It’s been a while since I’ve touched accounting so it’s probably time for me to have a refresher. What better way than to integrate it into my blogpost this Sunday. c o n c e p t: Below I present to you the inventory manufacturing process. I’m sure it’s pretty self explanatory but let me explain in an example. Let’s say you’re trying to make pizza. The raw materials would be the cheese, the dough, the pepperoni, and the sauce. When you start putting all of this together and it’s sitting in the oven, we would consider that the work…

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