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IDEA 024: Hey Courgeous

If you’ve ever tried a low carb diet, you’ve probably been introduced to the idea of zoodles, in other words zucchini noodles. They are a low carb alternative to regular pasta. Want to indulge in pasta but don’t want to feel guilty over all those empty calories? Want to gorge (or corge ;)) yourself but don’t want to feel super bloated by the enemy, carbs? WELL zoodles are a great solution to this problem. All it takes to make them is a spiralizer and some zucchini.

This fascination with replacing regular carbs in our life, like pasta, rice, burger patties, etc with alternatives such as, zoodles, shredded cauliflower, portabello mushrooms, etc, has taken over the healthy lifestyle blogosphere. However, these options aren’t always the most convenient, because it does involve a lot of prep work if you don’t have the tools to make all these alternatives.

p r o d u c t :

“Hey Courgeous” is your go to vegetable butcher shop. We are an animal free, cruelty free, butcher shop where we help you cut your vegetables so that you can live your best healthy self with no complications and no excuses. We act as a local vegetable market, where you can select which vegetables you want to purchase and we offer complimentary cutting for your vegetables. You can exit our shop with ready to make carb free pasta, ready to make cauliflower crust for your gluten free pizza, etc. etc.

c o n c e p t:

The name of the shop stems from the other name for zucchini, courgette, which was borrowed from the French language. I thought to myself that sounds like corvette but it would not be a subtle name if the shop was just called courgette. Courgette can also be manipulated into courgeous which sounds like gorgeous. So that’s how “Hey Courgeous” was born.

b r a n d i n g:

Along the lines of Goodfood, Hello Fresh, Miss Fresh, we understand that when it comes to cooking healthy, homemade food, our obligations such as our jobs, taking care of your kids, making that yoga class, makes it difficult for us to prep our meals. We want our customers to feel good about themselves, we want to cut their prep time down so that they can make guilt free food for themselves. We want our customers to feel courgeous, because eating healthy isn’t just something you decide to do, it’s a lifestyle change and we are here to help you become your most courgeous self.

Note to self: I should really get this store running because I need to change my habits. I’m not courgeous, I’m gorgeous, cause I gorged myself again today. I ate all you can eat korean bbq for lunch and now it’s past dinnertime and I still feel like I’m carrying my first pair of twins.

So don’t be me. Don’t be a disappointment to yourself. Now you have no excuses anymore, because we make life easier for you.

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