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IDEA 025: Eh Plus

To all my Canadian readers out there, Happy Canada Day!

Or as some people like saying, “Happy Birthday Canada!” and by some people I mean the popular press. I, of course, fall into this category. I present to you this excerpt from Wikipedia, my favourite source:

Key words: popular press. moi.

Of course I like to optimize my trending abilities on social media and as such have dedicated my post to this beautiful day. That’s cool eh?

p r o d u c t:

Eh Plus is a tutoring service company catered towards Canadian youth. We understand the Canadian market and how our demographic works. We get how the wheels turn in these Canadian’s heads, because we too have a Canadian head. We’re known for our polite mannerism, saying “eh”, “aboot”, etc and saying “sorry” too much. I’ve said “sorry” to trash cans when I’ve bumped into them in public. Because of the unique characteristics of our demographic, we should have a tutoring service tailored specifically to this. Learning isn’t always the most fun, especially when it comes to sitting in class and listening to someone lecture for hours and instead of listening you’re actually scrolling through facebook the whole time. We’re here to address the issues of learning for Canadian youth.

We do not believe in the concept of tough love at all. I mean how do you except a group that is apologetic over and over again to respond well to tough love. There will be no tiger mom attitude when you walk through our doors. Imagine telling a Canadian, “anything less than an A is unacceptable next time you must do better.” Your student will just reply “sorryyyy.” There is no reason for your student to be sorry to you. As Canadians, we are nice, so instead we should be saying things like “it’s okay that you didn’t do well this time, but we can see that you’re putting in a lot of effort, next time you’ll get them!!!”

Additionally, we would offer a variety of programs, because as Canadians, “diversity is our strength.” The more programs we offer, the stronger we are.

So sign up today on Canada day and get the best discount! A GREAT BIG OLE CANADIAN HUG!

We’ll make sure that Canada’s youth will build a better tomorrow. After-all our motto is

Stop poutine your children down, lift them up so that they can get an Eh plus!

Sorry for the short post this week, but I really do want to celebrate Canada Day! SO I leave with that final poutine pun and wish you guys well on such a beautiful a very hot day.

*cracks open the most Canadian beer possible, a Molson Dry*

*they did not pay me to write that, sadly I am not big enough for endorsements!

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