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IDEA 038: Shelfie

Forgive me for I was a bad girl last week. If you noticed (ya probably did not notice) I didn’t post a bad idea last Sunday. Instead I launched my new blog Rice Whine. I was a bad girl last week for not posting, but I was also literally a bad girl last week because since my social media rebirth of being @ricewhine, I shed my past self where I was known as @badgirlshishi.

Check that blog out if you’d like and do not fret I will be continuing with this blog to keep my brain fr3sh & sh@rp. 

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and there are obviously many things I’m grateful for, such as the love I receive from all those closest to me. I’m grateful for the moments I get to spend with people and the memories I get to share with them. However, what’s the point of ALL OF THAT if you can’t get a good picture from it? ?c(゚.゚*)Ummm…

After you’ve used the product I’m going to be introducing in this blogpost, you’ll be grateful for being able to capture your moments.

Introducing the…

p r o d u c t:


What is a shelfie?

It’s the perfect portable tripod you can put on any bookshelf (or anywhere actually) that holds your phone so that you can take the perfect selfie.

A simple block of wood with a little nook carved into it so you can place your cell phone there for portrait or landscape mode selfies. As long as you know how to set a self timer, you’re ready to go with this portable tripod.

I have had so many situations where I’m at a family gathering and it’s time to take that group picture. We spent 10 minutes taking the picture because we always have to rotate one person out. Your mother comes back in a week after developing the pictures and you notice that you’re not even in your family pictures. Your mother decided to sacrifice her own daughter so that the guests can be captured. *sigh*

WITH THIS PRODUCT, EVERYBODY can be there for that special moment!!!

I have also been in situations where I’m like yah I need a new profile pic and maybe a natural looking instagram pic and NO I do not have a constant photographer boyfriend. So how did I used to take my pics? My go to DIY tripod would be textbooks on top of a furniture surface, such as a table or a chair. Different thickness of textbooks were used to get to that optimal height. If you had a nice camera that would just sit there, this is the perfect place to stop your DIY tripod. However if you’ve got a cell phone you’re trying to take it with, then you had to find some apparatus like a stapler or something for your cell phone to lean against so that it wouldn’t topple over.

WITH THIS PRODUCT, YOU don’t need to go through that hassle!!!

Just take the shelfie sit it on any surface and you’re good to go!

So if you’re Canadian enjoy your long weekend and be thankful that soon your selfie dramas will be gone with this shelfie.

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