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IDEA 008: Llama Stay

c o n c e p t:

“Welcome to Llama Stay, a slice of heaven located in the beautiful country of Peru, a land rich in culture, nature, and llamas. we here at Llama Stay are passionate in helping others attain a state of mindfulness that will allow them to be one step closer in reaching nirvana. Come for a one day stop, short-term stay, or a long-term stay and discover the therapeutic and enlightening remedies of Llama therapy. “

  • excerpt from our website’s about us page

p r o d u c t:

Llama Stay is a llama farm turned into a retreat/getaway for all those searching to take a breather from their hectic lives. Upon arrival to the llama farm you are given duties of caring and tending to the needs of the llamas. The purpose of this style of therapy is based on acts of selflessness. I can’t speak on behalf of everyone but I feel that in our day to day lives, we have so much going on so we spend most of our energy focusing on ourselves. This leaves little time for us to just be selfless and care about others. At Llama Stay, we want you to stop llamanting over this and instead we give you the tools to be selfless.

If you’re touring the region and don’t have the time to stay for a long time, you can show up to the farm and experience some llama therapy. You can also choose short-term stays ranging from a few days to long-term stays that last months. Your schedule everyday revolves around the llamas and understanding their needs.

Based on my quick google research, llamas are more efficient eaters than other animals such as horses. As such, they have high potential of overeating (I guess now I can stop saying I’m an overeater and instead call myself an EFFICIENT eater). Thus, every person who stays at Llama Stay must ensure that they DO NOT overfeed their llamas. Over indulging others is not an act of selflessness. This act of feeding them just enough allows our community members to learn the perfect balance of selflessness.

Additionally, grooming is a huge part of a llama’s life. We must ensure that they aren’t too hot. We shear our llamas about once or twice a year. With this fleece, our community makes blankets that is sold internationally through our e-commerce website. All proceeds from these blankets are given back to the community where our farm is located.

Do not fret, not only do we take care of llamas but we also have classes throughout the day that teaches self-care. How can one help others if one cannot help themselves. We believe strongly in the concept of self-love. By the end of your time at Llama Stay we want you to look as at peace as this euphoric llama:

In order to do this, we offer daily yoga classes in the mornings and in the evenings. We also provide meditation sessions, where we will guide you through ten minutes of meditation. These courses are designed for practitioners of all levels. The yoga studio and meditation studio is open 24/7 so that anyone at anytime can practice mindfulness.

We also have a small local farm, where our Llama Stay community members harvest seasonal fruits and vegetables. We teach our Llama Stay guests about healthy, sustainable and local eating by teaching them how to harvest their own food and how to cook delicious organic meals.

t a r g e t  m a r k e t:

Our target market are those individuals that live in big metropolitans who are working demanding jobs. Although they work demanding jobs, they try to at least make one yoga class a week and as best as they can to shop local and organic. These individuals are self aware of their impact on this earth and are striving to make the world a better place through sustainable habits. To them, a small gesture is better than no gesture. Although they do small things, they are looking to take a break from their schedule that is mostly focused on work and take some time to reflect on themselves. These individuals have also most probably watched the Netflix documentary “The Minimalists”.

b r a n d i n g:

Llama Stay stems from a play on words from the word namaste. A form of greeting often used at the beginning and end of a yoga practice. We want Llama Stay to be known as a welcoming place for all those curious about mindfulness, personal wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others.

Llama Stay

“Do it fur others, do it fur yourself”

The above is our slogan incorporating of course a pun on fur (as llamas have fur..derrr what else are you shearing). It also demonstrates our values of helping others in order to help ourselves.

To end my blogpost I provide you with the following quote along with another picture of a llama to get you through the day:

“The art of peaceful living comes down to living compassionately & wisely.”

Allan Lokos

Thank you for joining me on this journey, llama stay.

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