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IDEA 006: f*ck u lint

Say it with me out loud. F*ck u lint What does it sound like? … still waitinggggggg….. If you haven’t gotten it yet, say the following word out loud: Succulent now do you get it? c o n c e p t: It’s always there just creeping right next to your skin. You can’t run from it, you can’t hide from it, but you can do something about it. Don’t just yell, “f*ck you lint”, use a f*ck u lint. p r o d u c t: An idea that stems from a pun. A lint roller shaped as a…

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IDEA 005: Soupshi

After 4 not so bad ideas (I’d like to think), here we have it, a truly bad idea. Soupshi! If you haven’t guessed it from the very terrible pun and from the picture for this post, then I’m not sure this is the type of blog for you. c o n c e p t: First there was the sushi craze, then came the poke craze…well the next big thing coming to you guys is the SOUPSHI CRAZE. p r o d u c t: Sushi soup bowls. Just like poke but instead of being rice filled it’s soup filled.…

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IDEA 003: honeydo

p r o d u c t  n a m e: honeydo p u r p o s e: Allows couples to communicate with each other their expectations without the added emotion that can quickly escalate into conflict. p i t c h: Are you tired of hearing your significant other constantly nag at you? Tired of them yelling at you for no reason? WELL honeydo is here to solve all your problems. In an app confined environment, you can communicate to your significant other without all that added heat. p r o d u c t: This app will…


IDEA 002: (爸)bàGet

bàGet A new way of using chopsticks p r o d u c t: Edible chopsticks designed to look like long thin baguettes.   This is not a 0 to 1 idea that Peter Thiel writes about. In fact the inspiration came from one of those Business Insider videos that always pops up onto my facebook newsfeed about edible plates. So why not use the same concept of biodegradable plates and make chopsticks out of them. I even remember a few years back there was a video about edible spoons, soooo it must be doable. Just today I used one…

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IDEA 001: HTM-ale

Hello and welcome to my first idea! This is not the first idea that I ever got in my life (that idea is probably something surrounding eating solid foods), but it is the first idea that I will be blogging about. To be honest, I had a blogpost ready last week. However, after asking somebody if the title was well-formatted that person said, “you should probably not post that idea, it’s actually good.” So ~ hairflip~ I did not post it! WHAT IF IT’S MY BILLION DOLLAR IDEA!..but what if this idea is my billion dollar idea! ~shifts eyes~ WITHOUT…