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IDEA 020: Oui Kend

Welcome to another weekend post…or should I say Oui Kend. Here I am on post 20, which also happens to be the age I wish I were because youth is err’thang and it means that I could rewind life and avoid all the poor choices I’ve made in my life. JUST KIDDING ~whispers to self personal mantra “Life isn’t linear, life isn’t linear, life isn’t linear”~

This week’s post evidently has something to do with the weekend and as such I’d like for everybody to listen to the following song because although it’s been out for half a year, it’s got mad summer vibes. #yourvibeattractsyourtribe ~looks around, nobody’s there…thinks to self, “Do I have bad vibes or do I just stink?”~

p r o d u c t:

Oui Kend, the digital destination that compiles all your weekend planning into one app.

c o n c e p t:

Do you ever scroll mindlessly through the Discover option on Facebook to try and find events in your city, but all that you get is “Learn how to plant herbs” or “How to get a sugar daddy and everything else you want in life” as events? Did I hear you say no?….ok well me neitherrrr..(๏д๏). Additionally not all cities have blogs with the best articles *cough mtlblog cough* (sorry for the jab, but I cannot click on another clickbait article because I just keep feeling terrible about myself for being so dumb and falling for their traps). Oui Kend is here to solve these problems for you so that you can make the best of every weekend you have.

This idea stems from the pun Oui/We because oui means yes in french. So let’s stop watching our lives fly away and pull a Shonda Rhimes with a Year of Yes.

f e a t u r e s:

  • Lists of events in your local city
  • Calendar view so that you can see how many events you can fit into your calendar
  • Once you enter all your events, the app will calculate the distance between each new location to let you know how much travel time is between each event and tell you a suggested time to leave based on what time you want to arrive to another event.
  • Thus, there will be a map view of your events so you can visually see your locations.
  • You can sync your facebook to the app so you can also see what your friends are doing.
  • This leads to the question of privacy, what if you don’t want your friend to see what you are doing because YOU ARE A BAD FRIEND AND HANGING OUT WITH YOUR FRIEND’S BEST FRIEND AND DON’T WANT HER/HIM TO KNOW THAT Y’ALL ARE HANGING OUT

  • …well you can set some events to private so that they cannot see your plans and you may go on with your life.
  • Based on the calendar system you can book time with your friends or create events so that they can join by either requesting a booking in your friend’s calendar cause you can see when they are free or by creating an event
  • AND of course you’ll turn on your push notifications so that you know when to make the next event
  • As we expand we will have partnerships with different festivals so that you can download their schedules because we all know you need to be able to cry to Lana Del Rey but 5 minutes later also be able to rave to MAJOR LAZER!!!

b r a n d i n g:

Oui Kend, can also be short for OK! Do YOUUUuu want to do this? OK! This vocabulary will be used throughout the app, where your answer for things are either “no” or “OK“! If you look at the logo are you able to see the OK? The body of our figurine is a K wo0o0oahhh.

Look at my bodehhh it is a K for OK!! I also happen to look like somebody is in a rush and on the go because it’s the weekend and I want to go GO GO!

And of course we have inception here, a person in a person/in the center circle waving “Hello! I too am in a rush to get to all my exciting events!”

The potential for growth with the app is endless with possibilities for partnerships and sponsored events. Additionally we would of course start out with a few cities in the app that you can download and eventually spread and take over the WORLD!!! Muah hah hah 

So take out your phone, download this app, and say yes to the Oui Kend!

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