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IDEA 009: Sir Prize

Hello, welcome to my 9th bad idea that so happens to be my original 1st bad idea ~

Remember when I mentioned in my first blog post that I had a great idea but a special friend told  me not to publish it cause it could actually be a good idea…well alas I have realized that the chances of executing this idea is low-ish (#neversaynever – JBiebz) and thus I will grace you all with this publication.

I randomly selected something on my list and it happened to be the pun “Sir Prize”. I sat there at my desk that Sunday afternoon and wondered what this idea related to and I just couldn’t remember why I even wrote this down besides it being a pun. As such, I have brilliantly matched this pun to a business idea…SUBSCRIPTION BOXES.

Yes I know, a subscription box is not the most innovative idea out there, but sometimes you don’t have to go from zero to one, sometimes you can go from 21394 to 21395, as long as you are going somewhere!!!!

I see that there are many different types of subscription boxes and after just having googled “male subscription boxes” I realize that a lot of them actually exist…BUT my box will have one different aspect to it. There will be a … wait for it SIR PRIZE element.

I took a $20 entrepreneurship class so bare with me I will try to write a value proposition statement…

Sir Prize helps aspiring gentlemen who want to become gentlemen by providing them with all the physical and emotional tools needed on a monthly basis to become one.

THERE THAT WASN’T TOO BAD RIGHT? (~whispers to self~ it was terrible)


When you first sign up for a box on our beautiful website you will receive a complimentary fedora, because one cannot be a gentleman without a fedora. ~ tips fedora and says: m’lady ~

Each month you will receive a collection of goodies to make you into a sir. For consistency we will always ensure that five items are shipped but unlike other boxes where you know for sure you will get a pair of socks every month, with this box YOU WON’T! You could go months without new socks!!!

The following items could pop up in your box:

  • Turtlenecks
  • Razor
  • Bowties(or tie) – a man automatically gets a + 10 boost in my eyes when they’re wearing a bowtie and to be extra quirky and to show your personality, we’ll ensure that they come in funky patterns like pineapples, watermelons, or pugs!
  • Socks – to make you office outfit pop
  • Moustaches – IF GIRLS CAN WEAR FALSE EYELASHES WHY IS NO MAN WEARING A FALSE MOUSTACHE? (wow…moustaches for men could be another future bad idea :O)
  • Whiskey/Scotch/Cognac samples – let’s be honest it is very hard in this day and age for a male trying to become an adult to not somehow mention in conversation their taste in masculine hard liquors. I will have you know that I myself do not enjoy drinking them at all
  • Indie beer samples (likely organic; possibly local)
  • BBQ tongs and other BBQ supplies – a very manly summer sport
  • Male vanity sets
  • Fake glasses


Every box will come with a scratch card that lets you potentially win a bigger item. These prizes will include pricier items, like watches, cold brew kits, own beer brewery kit, hot sauce kits (apparently making hot sauces is the new making your own cold brew?), and other pricier gentleman purchases.

We will operate on different platforms. When you register with our website, you get a weekly list of articles tailored to helping you become the most gentle of gentlemen. Not only will there be articles on typical vanity topics such as what outfits to wear, how to tie a bowtie, etc, there will also be articles attending to emotional needs. We live in a society where it’s still hard for men to be comfortable in expressing their feelings. This is why at Sir Prize, we believe that there is no mold on what a true gentleman is besides the fact that they must own a fedora. Additionally to compliment your experience we will have a monthly podcast to summarize what’s been going on in the past month and what there is to look out for in the following month in terms of various topics tailored to our clientele. This podcast will also be where we make our first announcement of which scratch cards win the big prize!


So sign up and join us, you’re guaranteed a good time…and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be lucky enough to get a Sir Prize.

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