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IDEA 037: Bae Street

c o n c e p t:

Think The Sartorialist meets Humans of New York meets Wall Street Oasis .

p r o d u c t:

Bae Street, the social media project that focuses on the fashion and stories behind the people that frequent Bay Street, Toronto. For those international readers of mine ~*crickets*~, Bay Street is at the centre of Toronto’s financial district. Think of it as the Canadian Wall Street, just like how McGill is the Canadian Harvard!!!

This social media project would encompass a Facebook page along with an Instagram and then potentially one day branch out into video content that could be produced on Youtube. I or whoever would take on this project would frequent Bay Street and scout individuals that have superb fashion taste, in this case it would mostly be business formal and casual ladies and gents and ask them if they’d like to be featured on our platform. Just like HONY (aka Humans fo New York), we’d also include a little background on the individual photographed.

Potential Captions For Pictures:

  • Queen of Bay Street (at the intersection of Queen and Bay)
  • King of Bay Street (at the intersection of King and Bay duhh)
  • TLC at the TTC (for that couple showing a little PDA at the TTC)
  • References to Drake’s lyrics
    • Marvin’s Room (for some guy named Marvin)
    • Kiki do you love me (for somebodeh named Kiki)
  • Not Yonge no more
  • Christmas on Elm Street (at the intersection fo Elm and Bay)
  • Baest Bae St
  • Some reference about the 6ix

Sorry for the short and sweet blogpost but this Sunday I’m actually moving to Toronto sooooo…not much time to write a post but also can’t skip a post! Of course being who I am I had to make this blogpost in theme with my life. So thank you for joining me and see you soon in the 6ix.

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