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IDEA 028: Influenza Marketing

Good evening #baddies! I’m sick.

I have a cold and I thought why not make my blog a personal one where I share insights of my life with all y’all. As an artist I am constantly inspired by my own life and my surroundings. Laying in bed all day feeling like a truck ran me over but I’m still alive and sweating, in-between my naps, and body aches, I tried to think of puns relating to diseases. I guess I cold’ve done something better (eh eh eh???), but alas in my state of my mind the only thing I could come up with was “Influenza Marketing.”

I will apologize in advance if the post is short. Even though I have concentration levels of zero, I have to post because I’m the type of person who easily breaks good habits like eating healthy and exercising. I do not want to fall down that rabbit hole.

p r o d u c t:

Want your products to go VIRAL? Looking to make you marketing SICK (in a good way)? Look no further, you’ve come to the right influencer agency, INFLUENZA MARKETING!

c o n c e p t:

The influencer market is over $1billion. We want to help your company reach their target audience by pairing y’all up with some social media influencers. Want your company to be the next sugar bear? We’ve got you covered.

Ok my blogpost is done because I AM SWEATING and blowing my nose like there’s no tomorrow cause I’m sick. I apologize to all my fans for this lack of content but hope you all love me anyways <3.


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