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IDEA 029: Care-it

Good evening my dearests! You know what vegetable does not get enough loving? Celery. You know what vegetable I’m still not going to give any love to? Celery.

This week’s blogpost is not about that vegetable, but instead about one that is sort of loved depending on who you talk to. I like to call it a controversial vegetable. Do I particularly enjoy eating it raw? Not Really. BUT … do I particularly enjoy eating it after it’s been roasting for a long time allowing the sweet aromas to penetrate its rough exterior? YES!

You’ve guessed it, this week’s post relates to carrots!

c o n c e p t:

Feeling down? Not seeing so well? Need some more Vitamin A in your diet? Let’s get to the root of your problem. If you care about your own health, get yourself a Care-it.

So what is a Care-it?

 p r o d u c t:

Care-it, your go to carrot juice. Have you ever had carrot juice? If you haven’t you’re seriously missing out on life. They’re actually very good and high in Vitamin A and beta carotene, which contributes to giving you better vision. Why do you think my life is so good and well thought out? It’s because I have vision. Just kidding for all those who actually know me, know that I can go into a local market and have a mental breakdown over the purpose of my life because I, myself, am not making homemade artisanal jam. That will soon change with this project.

Every bottle of care-it will be bottle with tender, loving.  care.

What will be different with this juice though? Although mainly a juice, the core of the juice will actually be a peeled carrot. This is to ensure that the juice surrounding it tastes as fresh and raw as a real carrot. After you’re done drinking the juice you can even eat the carrot inside. The reason why we have a carrot inside is because most carrot juice is made by a juicer and the pulp is removed. With our futuristic technology we don’t need to shred the carrot to pieces, we somehow manage to extract the juice from the carrot while keeping the carrot in tact. The carrot chilling in the middle of the bottle is just evidence of how powerful our technology is.

So care more about your life, because yolo, you only live once. Care-it.

Also fun fact, after googling about carrots apparently 45% of carrots are grown in China? At first I was shocked but then I realize about 45% of the world’s population is also in China soo… (45% is an exaggeration but also not really an exaggeration)

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