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IDEA 033: Sin, Nah Mean?

33 half of 66, one 6 away from being 666, the devil’s number. You know the devil loves sinning.

Just to fact check that the number was 666 I Googled “devil’s number” and you know I like sharing my searches with all y’all.

Why is this the picture that pops up? It sparks so many questions like…who is this kid? Is he a Montrealer with his habs flag? Is this kid OKAY HE LOOKS SO SAD?

p r o d u c t:

A cinnamon bun so decadent, so sinful, it’s a sinnamon bun. Sin, Nah Mean? Gnome saying? Do YOU know WHAT I AM SAYING????

b a c k g r o u n d:

I once worked at a cinnamon bun chain and let me tell you, I was never a fan of cinnamon buns but boy that icing is quite SOMETHING. Now I’m very into eating cinnamon buns.


OKAY WOW. This will be my shortest post because I am again sick and sweating from my neck.

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