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IDEA 017: Vingt Vins

Bonjour mes amis! This blogpost’s pun is one written in the language of lurvee. For those of you not cultured enough (JKJKJKJK) no judgement, vin in French means wine. Additionally, vingt in French means 20!

Vingt Vins aka 20 Wines aka A casual Sunday afternoon for moi.

p r o d u c t:

A seasonal wine subscription service that provides you with 20 different wines every season. The crates will include a mix of red, white, rose, green, port, and other wine varieties depending on the season. Every wine is carefully selected by our sommeliers to shed light on up and coming and less known wineries.

Our job is to curate a selection of wines in order to make your home feel like wine valley, because wine not.

The crate will come with an information booklet that has a description of each wine, why it was chosen, and what it would be best paired with. We will have suggestions for tasting parties with each crate. Additionally, every wine will have it’s own separate page so that you can rip one out and it will act as a post it so you can attach it to the corresponding wine bottle.

c o n c e p t:

The pun came to me before the idea. Then I thought to myself oh! I could have a subscription service for wine where every month you get 20 bottles of wine. Then I thought to myself 20 wines a month is a little bit too much, that’s just a little under 1 bottle a day. Look, I’m not judging you if that sounds normal to you BUT if that does sound normal, you may need to go to have a chat about alcohol with someone anonymous if you know what I mean. All I’ve ever seen and known are monthly subscription packs, I’m not creative enough to think of another timeline. 20 wines per year, 20 wines a week, this WAS JUST NOT GOING TO WORK. Alas, I impressed myself when I thought why not 20 wines per season. A season encompasses 3 months. That’s about 1 bottle of wine for every 4.5 (30 * 3 / 20) days. That’s a much more reasonable ratio of wine AND if you think it’s not then please STOP WINE-ing.

Seasonal Wine Subscription

Within the first week of every season we will provide you with a crate of 20 wines to start the season off right! To be quite frank, j’adore le vin, but am I a huge connoisseur? Not really! I will have you know that I have done 1 wine tour in Spain and another port wine tour in Portugal. In relation to my wine tour in Spain, was I completely sober for it? Not really, our lunch before the wine tasting had free flow (or as the tour said it much sophisticatedly, unlimited wine) house wine that I as the cheapass I am drank a ton of. When it got to the actual wine tasting part, I felt as though every wine tasted great. When the tour guide asked us what aromas the wines had I think I got it wrong every single time. You can say I love striving to be 100% wrong.

See video for my 2 seconds of wine tasting (yes this was a shameless plug to make my year old vlog viral):

p r i c i n g:

Now we want a system where we get quality wines and affordable wines all in our subscription box. We also need to price it so that people will want to purchase. If there are 20 bottles of wine in each box, we would want each bottle to be priced at approximately $15. This is an average for the cheaper wines and the mid level wines. This would cause one season’s box to be $300. Now we’d also use our power as the buyer to negotiate down prices. Let’s add some shipping for these crates and I think a decent price would be $350. I’m hoping to make some margin of profit on this. As I am not that well versed in the wine industry I think that being able to get these wines out there for people to try we can leverage some sort of marketing cost with our suppliers as this will help advertise their wines to consumers that may not generally purchase these wines. You can purchase this subscription on a monthly basis OR purchase an annual subscription and save a good $50!

m a r k e t i ng:

As a millennial, I am constantly bombarded with social media posts and influencers constantly selling me discount codes. In the age of subscription boxes, why not also be fab, fit, and fun like the rest of em’! We will have influencers that dwell the lines of the foodie and luxury lifestyle realms to promote our products. Additionally we will have our own hashtag #myvingtvins so that when our customers photograph and share their wines they can also promote our brand at the same time. Our business will be strictly e-commerce with the potential to do pop up shops at different locations to promote the wines of the season.

So stop wine-ing about how you’re tired of how unadventurous you are in the wine department and subscribe to our subscription box because you can be your own sommelier in no time! Leave the decision making on which wines you should try to us and we’ll leave the drinking to those who do it ;). (no I am not suggesting that you are an alcoholic but merely slightly hinting at it)


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