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IDEA 011: ip.idress

I’ve had this idea sitting in my phone for a while, but each time I think about publishing it all I can think about is how bad the name is. Then, suddenly today after I ran for my train that I was almost late for (they had to put the steps back down for the train cart just to let me on because they already finished boarding everyone :S my bad), it hit me…my blog isn’t about good ideas, my blog is about BAD ideas.

Now you may be wondering what is so BAD about this idea. Well, the idea came to me because with ecommerce disrupting the retail industry, in store purchasing is slowly dying . Anybody can sell trendy clothes now as long as they’re able to market it properly with the right audience targeting. We’re all bombarded by influencers wearing clothes from serene sounding fashion stores, so I thought, “what would I name my store, if I had one?”

Would it be something simple like...”booties and gloss”…or something more tumblr-esque like…“Infatuated Hem”?

The answer is, the first thing I thought of was IP I Dress, because it’s a pun for IP Address. You can evidently tell from my blogposts that I wish ohsomuch to be a h@cker girl, from htm-ale to this. However, the problem with this name was that the letters IP stood out much more to me than the play on words did. You can tell that although I am very mature for my age (~“I-i-i-i-i-i-i’m only 20, I’ve still got my whole future ahead of me!” I said nervously as I rejected my age and exposed my quarter life crisis ~), I still fall trap to silly words like “pee”.

So how do we go about establishing our brand? Well the lucky thing about the internet is that it’s so visual, so when we write out “ip.idress” our eyes gravitate naturally to the longer portion of the name…dress. This will allow our audience to know clearly that we are dealing with clothing Additionally if you look closely at our logo, there is a period between ip and idress to give you those ip feels (AND I mean IP as in internet protocol, not the shivering feeling you get when you’re holding it in cause you can’t locate the loo). The circle underneath the name is a cut out sewing pattern for a skirt, you’ll notice I carefully added the details for the stitching lines. #subtlenotsubtle

What will I be selling? Simply clothes.

How will I be selling it? Through the internet.

What is my differentiating factor? Besides being created by moi, for this idea I’ve only gotten to the point of name creation, so maybe we can collaborate on a potential clothing niche :).

This week’s blogpost is short and simple because my noodle aka my brain is not on top of its game right now. I am exhausted right now from playing an intense basketball game match. By intense, I mean my cardio sucks and I have not balled since high school. So, not only am I physically drained but mentally, really I just want to take a nap so that I can feel rejuvenated from this thing called working out.

So what do you think about the name “ip.idress”? Does it remind you too much of the word “pee” or am I just being insecure?

Always looking forward to people’s opinions ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ

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