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Is this a bad idea?

Knowing myself and the success rates of my ideas…there is a high probability that this is a bad idea.

However, the list of ideas in my iPhone is getting way too long and I am way too lazy to delete my beautiful (*cough* accidental double chin and awkward angle) selfies to make room for more ideas. Thus, I have created this new blog to document and build on all my terrible ideas.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THIS URL WASN’T TAKEN??? ME NEITHER! But I will have to admit that I will be @isthisabadidea_ (UNDERSCORE¬†*GASP*) on social media as that handle has actually been taken.

So how did this blog come along… as you can tell from my previous uncollected thoughts that I just wrote down, somewhere in my iPhone is a list of potential million dollar ideas. However just like cash that isn’t being invested anywhere, nothing is happening with them and they are forever rotting away and making no interest. Also, because my imagination can run a little wild I tend to spew out random ideas at the same rate that I breathe at and thus a lot of them are just set aside and discarded.

I created this blog to keep myself accountable to my ideas and give me a medium to help expand on them instead of just leaving them cramped in my phone to rot.

So what are these ideas that I jot down?

80% of them revolve around puns turned into potential business ventures ~

But on this blog you may potentially even be blessed with some of my raps inspired from my daily life and perhaps some random fiction stories on how I wish my life was instead of what it is.

My baby blog could grow up to be an angsty teenager that crawls out of her bedroom window to meet the neighbourhood hot bad boy that looks like Timothee Chalomet (you can tell I just watched Call Me by Your Name and Lady Bird) to smoke a cigarette and talk about how they hate their small town lives OR my baby blog can grow up to be valedictorian and lead mathlete.

All that to say, I will let my blog grow organically and hope that the ideas in my head guide it in the right direction in life and that my baby blog does not end up abandoned on the streets.

See my About page for more information if this post has confused you.

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