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IDEA 013: Gill Tea

Being the idealistic millennial that I am, I have many moments in my life where I am overwhelmed over what my true purpose is on this earth. I wonder about whether I am living my true, best, and authentic self. I wonder about whether I can be happier or whether I am entitled for having these thoughts. Most of these thoughts lead to the feeling of guilt. They lead to the thought that I am what all those articles talk about: entitled millennials.

It may take hours of therapy sessions to cure this guilt along with 45 depression naps and Netflix sessions, but I am here to offer you a short term solution.  (PS. I cannot claim that saying of depression naps and Netflix. I heard it in a standup comedy show this weekend and literally laughed out loud. It was not just a “lol” it was a LOL because I had just taken a nap and Netflixed right before going to that show due to the feeling of being overwhelmed.)



i n s p i r a t i o n:

As I sat there contemplating life this Saturday, I thought to myself out of all this contemplation something needs to be born from this. There I was saying everything in my head slowly just to see if I would be able to catch a pun/product idea. “Guilty..guilty..guil T…gill tea,” I mumbled in my head. There it was my million dollar idea.

p r o d u c t:

A collection of calm and soothing teas to help you in moments of stress and anxiety. Sometimes a cup of tea is all you need.

The tea will come in bags shaped as fishes with an opening to release the tea where the gills are. See below:

The tea will steep through the gill (get it GILL tea), flow into the boiled water, and release its essence. The layout above kind of looks like a Rupi Kaur poem.

where the tea

will be released

– sunday mood, Shirley

Additionally, the string coming out of the mouth to hold the tea bag while it steeps would act kind of like a fishing rod. The tip of the string would have a little rod that has the tea name “Gill Tea” with the flavour written on the other side. When the fish is in the boiling water the gills will fill with water and the fish will fill up to look like it’s swimming in an aquarium っゝω・)っ~☆.

c o n c e p t:

The tea’s concept revolves around millennial woes, the flavours would also be titled as such. Additionally, the scales on the body of the little fishy would be reflective of the type of tea.

Potential names:

  • Chai Harder (try harder)
  • Calm more millenial (for when you have anxiety)
  • Berry entitled (some herbal berry tea)
  • A foggy mind (London Fog)
  • Mint tea not the colour
  • So matcha to do, so little time
  • When life gives you lemons (Lemon flavoured tea durrr..)

So yes…when life gives you lemons, make some lemon tea.

And just remember if you feel guilty just steep some gill tea.

You wake up suddenly on a Sunday morning from a nightmare. You get up ready to tackle another day. You look into the mirror and realize your makeup from last night is smeared all over your face. Your hangover finally hits you when you realize you came home at an ungodly hour. You stumble into your kitchen searching for water cause the world is slowly spinning. You chug the water down like it’s your sole mission in life. You catch a glimpse of a tea box in the corner of your eye. You grab a “Gill Tea” and boil some water. You steep your tea and the aromas dance through your nose with each inhale. You exhale ready to make this day your little b*tch.

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