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IDEA 004: Eggistential

s y n o p s i s:

Florentine is a 25 year old egg living in the small town of Yolk, Maine, dreaming of bigger city dreams for herself. She feels constrained by her 9 to 5 and can’t help feeling that she’s just watching her life pass her by. One day, she decides to just leave everything she has in this small town behind, packing her bags, and riding an egg carton to the big city of New Yolk in the hopes of pursuing her dreams of acting. Can this small town egg survive the twists and turns awaiting her in such a big city? Stay tuned and find out how Florentine navigates friends, enemies, frenemies, New Yolk brunches, romance, and her pursuit of her dreams.

c h a r a c t e r s:


  • 25 years old
  • You can always catch her in her signature bright pink sneakers
  • A mix of Bridget Jones’s clumsiness with Mindy Lahiri’s wit
  • Looking to make it in the acting world while working the odd jobs here and there in order to pay the bills


  • 26 years old
  • Moved to New Yolk 2 years ago with his band “Pan-egg at the Disco”, where he’s the lead singer in hopes of getting signed to a big label but to pay his bills he works as a freelance coder
  • Got the looks of Timothée Chalamet if he were an egg
  • Florentine’s next door neighbour, the first friend she makes in New Yolk…but could there be more then just friendship between these 2 lovebirds’ babies. 


  • 24 years old
  • Moved to New Yolk from the city of Oeufsaka in Japan a year ago to start her journey as a grad student at New Yolk University doing her masters in physics
  • Obsessed with the KonMari method and preaches the book to anybody who will listen
  • Florentine’s roommate and trusted best friend


  • 23 years old
  • Local New Yolker with parents heavily involved in the arts scene
  • Appears pretentious and entitled on the surface but once you get to know her you realize she’s actually insecure that she won’t ever meet her parents’ expectation
  • Frenemie of Florentine’s

Devilled Egg:

  • 29 years old
  • Local fuccboi egg who likes egging around with all the ladies of New Yolk
  • Has the perfect looks and smile of Jared Leto (again if he were an egg)
  • Heard that there was new egg in town and has taken a keen interest over Florentine

Century Egg:

  • 100 years old
  • Lives in Florentine’s apartment building
  • Wisdom evidenced by his years alive
  • Always there at opportune moments to give his advice

t h e m e  s o n g:

sung to the tune of Alicia Keys’ “New York”

Even if it ain’t all it seems
I got a pocketful of dreams aby I’m from New Yolk!
Egg shell jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New Yolk!
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Hear it for New Yolk, New Yolk, New Yooolk!

p l o t l i n e s:

  • Benedict can’t help but fall for Florentine’s quirkiness but soon realizes he may be in the friendzone. Little does he know Florentine has also developed a crush on him. Due to Benedict believing he’s in the friendzone, he ends up falling trap to Frittata’s seggduction at a local house party where Florentine catches them in an eggbrace. This leads to a love triangle where Benedict always pines for Florentine. Frittata slowly falls for Benedict even though she pulled that seggduction just to make Florentine jealous. Florentine starts dating around as she believes Benedict and her will never be.
  • Devilled Egg swings by trying to crack Florentine’s shell, but soon realizes she’s not like other eggs around town. As he spends more time trying to play with her he realizes that “Omelette (aka OMG!)” he has feelings for her too.
  • Florentine works odd jobs around town as a barista, bartender, girl that hands out flyers all the while pursuing roles in indie films, commercials, etc. At these auditions she keeps on bumping into Frittata and along with that comes Frittata’s snarky comments. One day she catches Frittata’s famous artistic parents being passive aggressive/ just plain mean to her, resulting in Frittata crying by herself in the hallway. Florentine goes to console her and realizes that beneath all that megg-up, Frittata just wants to make her parents happy.
  • Tamagoyaki has always been very studious, throughout the episodes we see her slowly but surely (eh heh heh) come out of her shell (eh heh heh) and explore New Yolk alongside Florentine.

l i n g o:

  • Any pun that can be done with the word egg
  • Omelette! = OMG!
  • When Devilled Egg fights Benedict for Florentine’s love he will say, “Get over here, I’m going to turn you into a fried egg
  • When excited seggductively, “you make me feel hard boiled”
  • When trying to pick on someone, “stop being so soft boiled, you weak@$$”
  • Favourite game is scramble (similar to scrabble…shoutout to mah gurl Jenny for this one)
  • Instead of punching they say, “YOU POACHED HIM DIDN’T YOU”
  • “You make me so angry, my cholesterol is rising”
  • Carton = public transport (and yes it does look like an egg carton)

c e n t u r y  e g g  s a y i n g s:

As mentioned the wise neighbourhood century egg will always have his two sense in all the situations

  • Chase your dreams, only then can you eggcel
  • It is within our nature to forget, after all you can’t spell negglect without an egg. (YES I KNOW NEGLECT IS NOT SPELT LIKE THAT)
  • We need to stop tearing our shells apart but instead come together to build stronger eggs with harder shells
  • Beggers are not choosers
  • Break free from your shell dear Florentine, you will be set free

Thank you so much for reading about my eggcellent show. You can tell a lot of the themes are drawn through inspiration in my own life. Mainly that a lot of handsome eggs that look like Timothée Chalamet and Jared Leto are chasing after me. Let me know if there are any other eggistential crises that you can imagine Florentine eggcountering in New Yolk..till next time, stay sunny side up.

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