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IDEA 002: (爸)bàGet


A new way of using chopsticks

p r o d u c t:

Edible chopsticks designed to look like long thin baguettes.


This is not a 0 to 1 idea that Peter Thiel writes about. In fact the inspiration came from one of those Business Insider videos that always pops up onto my facebook newsfeed about edible plates.

So why not use the same concept of biodegradable plates and make chopsticks out of them. I even remember a few years back there was a video about edible spoons, soooo it must be doable.

Just today I used one use chopsticks to gorge myself at a Chinese buffet. If I’m already being a monster and eating copious amounts of food, of course I would be down to eat my chopsticks too. ESPECIALLY IF THEY’RE coated with sweet & sour sauce.

Not only am I improving my gains factor for bulk season (not an intentional goal), but I’m also saving the world from the rubbish of one use chopsticks. JK just googled the following and I guess I will not be saving the world from the rubbish!

I’m not too sure about the production process of actually making chopsticks, but I feel as though we would be saving some trees from being chopped up, which will in turn give us more clean air!

the story behind the name:

What are chopsticks in French?

For those of you who do not speak the romantic language of français…let me google translate it for you:


The wondrous bread made by the French. Thus, the chopsticks will be shaped like long thin baguettes.

Additionally, being who I am, I of course had to add another twist to the name. Instead of just naming it simply baguettes, I had to add a Chinese homey twist to it. So I decided to name my product bàGet, as 爸 (bà) means dad in Chinese. Haven’t you ever had a dish at the other end of the table where your bà was sitting and you asked him to GET it for you. Of course you didn’t just point at the dish and yell “爸 (bà) Get!” cause you are a polite individual, but that is essentially what you are saying when you strip away your manners.

A PUN IN A PUN IN A PUN!!!! inception baby.

b r a n d:

A nice 爸 superimposed over the Get so that the curvature of the words align.

What can I say I like NICE 爸(bà)s AND I CANNOT LIE! YOU OTHER BROTHERS CAN’T DENYYYY (if you do not understand this reference, I feel sorry for you son I GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT pop culture references AIN’T ONE!)

I realize that the business model will probably be more B2B and as such, the marketing aspect will be very much different trying to sell to restaurants. Pricing will also have to be competitive enough that restaurant owners will make the switch.

However, just because I love thinking of ideas, let me humour myself and just pretend that this product is feasible to be sold straight to consumers. Picture this commercial: a Chinese family hosting a party and the father is about to pull out these wooden chopsticks. His daughter looks at him and yell, “No 爸 (bà) GET those ones, they’re better for the world!” Her father looks at her, smiles at the camera, and does a nod in agreement with her and pulls out…~ wait for it ~ bàGets.

So here’s the end of my train of thought.

Let me know what you think and if you actually know whether this would be more environmentally friendly compared to our current alternative.

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